Stag Do Ideas To Guarantee Some Great Memories

Stuck for ideas for a stag do? Look no further!

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Below we will suggest 12 ideas for an epic stag do to enjoy your last night of freedom in style with your mates.

The choice is yours, whether you are after adrenaline, extreme, outdoors, indoors, chill out, real-life gaming, movie, and TV, shooting, unusual, classy or motorsports, there’s sure to be something for everyone. There’s plenty of online inspiration.

  1. A laser tag stag does or a classic paintball stag does take up a level.
  2. Bobsleigh. A more unusual stag does activity for the adrenaline lovers out there. Zoom down a track at high speeds with your mates.
  3. Legal vehicle vandalizing where you can pick out a car and smash it with a sledgehammer. This is sure to calm those pre-wedding jitters!

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  1. Wrestling school. Fulfill your
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