Frauds in marketplaces have evolved a lot in the past decade. It is an illegal act that has misled buyers into thinking the product is a certain way, Hiding the negative effects and selling them by exaggerating the qualities of the product or services. Most frauds are faced through online shopping. Repetitive ads on social media websites leave an imprint on the users and force them to think that they might need that certain product. The majority of people buy with credit cards while purchasing online.

The online marketplace was solely created to allow a platform for the sellers and buyers to have access to one another. These online marketplaces have spread around various market segments including food shopping to renting and Airbnb and so on. Most frauds were experienced concerning certain insecurities of the audience. Such as hair growth, skin whitening, fat loss, etc. Some brands are known to use fake images to attract their customers into buying their products that have resulted in severe health issues in the past. Lyst consumer reviews depicted the brand as having a good reputation among the targeted customer base.

Naive buyers

To avoid such frauds, one must be educated about the circumstances that they might face. Some buyers that are exposed to such online websites and marketplaces are naive. They lack experience in the online shopping world which results in them being the easiest prey to fraudulent websites. With the help of AI crawlers, they can get deep into the web activity of a user and flash him with ads that are deceiving them into buying their products.

Avoiding payment scam

Paying via credit card is more reliable than paying via cash on delivery or debit card. This way you can earn a bonus or cashback points on certain purchases. Debit cards in this matter are less reliable as your money is deducted from your account at the time of purchase and that’s it. This can be insecure as some websites have access to your card details and drain your money anytime. Whereas in the case of credit cards a thief can make purchases with your card but wouldn’t have access to your money. Another scenario is to dispute your transaction in case you face a delay in your order delivery. The transaction will be on your credit card history but your money is still in your bank account. Shopping through credit cards is the first step towards smart online shopping.

Manual detection

Sharing your fraud experiences with people around you can spread awareness among those that are still unknown to the online fraud scheme. Monitoring any suspicious behavior between the supplier and the customer and doing thorough research on a brand from your trustworthy fellows is also a smart move.


To conclude, some marketplace owners suggest that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is! If a mobile phone is being sold for half the price that it is worth, don’t fall for it. That is the stiffest possible trap. While Online shopping you should allow yourself to think and control your inner impulse buyer and consider the alternatives if you want that product. Some payments providers have access to marketplace trends and fraud patterns. If you are skeptical about certain purchases such as travel, mobile phones, apartments, etc you can seek help from such providers.