The Art of Wearing Costume Jewelry

Some people are under the impression that part of dressing well and looking sharp, is by spending huge sums of money on really expensive jewelry. But there are many ways to wear beautiful jewelry without shelling out a lot of money. The most simple way you can save money is by purchasing costume jewelry as opposed to buying real pearls, gold, silver or diamond jewelry. Buying real jewelry has a few disadvantages. Since it is so expensive to buy, many people can only afford to buy it once in a while after they saved up enough money. Even then, the decision is so stressful, since you know you are about to spend a huge sum of money which you worked so hard to earn and save, and you do not want to make the wrong decision on which piece of jewelry to buy. So you end up going from jewelry store to jewelry store, making yourself nuts to find the most for your money. Even after you buy it, you are still not sure you made the right decision, and you obsess over it even more.

A more relaxing technique to buying jewelry is to treat yourself more often to less expensive jewelry such as costume jewelry. Buying fashion jewelry has many advantages. Firstly, your decision won’t be such a frustrating one because you know that even if you haven’t really fell in love with the specific piece of jewelry you chose, next month you can just pick out another one!

Secondly, fashion jewelry can look really nice if it is color coordinated with the clothing you are wearing. The jewelry does not necessarily need to be the same color as your clothes, but the colors should definitely blend with each other.

One thing to be aware of when choosing to wear costume jewelry over real genuine jewelry, is that you if you are buying gold, silver, gold, diamond, or pearls, try to get the coloring to be closest to that of real jewelry so it is not so obvious that you are not wearing the real deal. Additionally, if your clothing and hair look put together and sharp, people assume that the jewelry you are wearing is genuine.

So don’t be disappointed if you can’t afford to buy real genuine jewelry. Do not fret, the time will come when someone who loves you dearly will treat to a piece of real jewelry. In the meantime, go fashion jewelry shopping, and be confident with your decision. You will be really pleased to see you can look really sharp despite the fact that you chose not to spend a tremendous amount of money on jewelry. Go ahead and tell your friends about this new revelation! You’ll be making your life as well as many others happier and more stress-free.