What you should know about fashion in the USA post COVID-19

Fashion in the USA has always been evolving. However, as on the last day of December 2019, nobody had an idea that the whole world will be locked down less than 4 months into the year 2020, but it happened. The COVID-19 pandemic swiftly moved across countries to reach virtually all the countries in the world. By February 2020, some countries were already effecting international restrictions and by March, some countries were already enforcing lockdown.

Everybody was asked to stay put at home and an end was put to social meetings as much as possible. The implication was that most people were no longer going to work, going to parties, having public weddings, and no events with red carpet among others. Without these things, there was no need for fashion as most people were just indoors and mostly casually dressed throughout the lockdown.

However, with the relaxation of lockdown, people have continued to go about their lives once more. Most people found out that they had gained weight during the lockdown and had to order new clothes based on their new size. There was also the fact that a new item we had to be creative about and turn to fashion was added to our dressing: Face Masks. Everybody is now expected to wear face masks whenever they are in the public to protect themselves. Fashion companies have immediately taken advantage of the new addition and are now producing different styles, shapes, colors, and types of face masks for their customers. It is now normal for a pair of clothing to have matching face masks that people can put on whenever they are wearing that cloth. You can read sense reviews and reviews of other fashion stores on Collected Reviews to know the latest trendy wears in the USA and the right face mask style to wear with them.

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We will continue to use a face mask with our clothing in the meanwhile until we get the COVID-19 vaccination. After getting the vaccine, we will be informed if it is now safe to move around without the face mask, which we expect to be the case. However, it is expected that it will take long into 2021 before we will be fully free of face masks. With a successful vaccine already declared in December 2021, some people are now getting the vaccines.

The effectiveness of the vaccines is still being monitored and it is only when they are sure that there is no risk whatsoever of contracting the Coronavirus after the vaccination that those who have taken the vaccine will be asked to stop using face masks. Even with 100 percent success with the vaccine, it will take months before enough vaccines to go round for the over 300 million Americans and the remaining over 7 billion people all over the world. Hence, the face mask fashion is one that we must learn to imbibe with our current fashion and we will need to get used to it as we will still be using it for long into the future.