Fashion Jewelry Trends You May Like

The great thing about fashion jewelry is that it is quite easy to find pieces to fit any personality and any style. The other great thing about fashion jewelry is that it is relatively inexpensive, meaning it can work with almost any budget. Because this type of jewelry is so versatile, there are many different trends and styles to choose from. Are you looking for the best jewelry trends to consider adding to your own collection? Here are some that you will definitely want to consider.

Bali or Indian Inspired Jewelry

This type is always in style and can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Indian jewelry will often be quite ornate and will include bigger pieces. However, they will not necessarily include bright colors. Instead, the jewelry will include intricate patterns and designs on both the metals and the stones themselves. The Indian inspired jewelry will be quite detailed and unique enough that they are sure to draw attention. If you choose these pieces of jewelry, you may want to limit them to wearing only one or two pieces at a time so that they are not overwhelming.

Bold and Bright

The newer trend in fashion jewelry is to choose very bright and bold items that will be the focal piece of your whole outfit. The key to wearing this type of jewelry will be to choose colors that complement your outfit. Stay away from matching your outfit exactly since this will take away from the boldness. Instead, choose complementary colors. For example, you can pair purples with reds. This will make the boldest statement.

If you choose a necklace, make sure the bold style will work with the neckline that you will be wearing. It can be easy for the bold jewelry to overwhelm you and your outfit, so the key is to choose one or two statement items. By having just one item to make a statement, you can make a much stronger statement instead of appearing like you are drowning in your jewelry.

The Key Pendant

Do you want to choose fashion jewelry that will mimic the classy and high style of the finest jewelry? Then you should consider the key pendant. These pendants are available in both gold and silver. They can be plain or they can include jewels for an even glitzier look. The style was turned into a trend by high profile jewelers, but you do not have to pay thousands of dollars to have your own items. Instead, you can choose fashion jewelry options that will look just as classy without the high price tag.

When you are choosing fashion jewelry, the key is to choose items that will match your personality the best. This type of jewelry is highly versatile and available in a number of different styles. This makes it very easy for you to choose the right items for you. Remember when choosing what jewelry to wear, consider just one or two statement pieces so that you will not overwhelm your whole look.