Wowing Your Friends With Fashion Jewelry

It’s the end of the day and you now have to get ready to go out with some friends. You are extremely tired but you are so excited to get together as you have been waiting a month for this. What should you wear? You want to look your best yet you can not decide if you should wear your new piece of fashion jewelry or go the real route. You do not have to be afraid to wear your costume jewelry around your friends. They will adore it as much as you.

You have been anticipating seeing your friends and bonding with them since you set the date. Knowingly, it was an incredibly hectic week at work, so you did not have much time to think about it; and now the day is here. You run home from work to get ready and try to decide on an outfit. You know that it is somewhere casual yet nice so you want to look dressed up but not too much.

What to wear? Well since it is not super fancy you can go with a jean jacket over something nice. You can wear a dress or a nice top and skirt with the jacket because the compliment each other very nicely. Definitely not jean anything else though. Anything else jean would be way too casual. Your shoes also should be subtle but nice. Opt for a pair of flats over your espadrilles as those are way too flashy for the look you are going for.

Before any of this, if time allows, you should soak in a hot bath or even take a quick shower. This will calm you down. Even though you are just going to hang out with your friends, it can get very tense to get ready especially after a long day. Once you have done this and you are all dressed in whatever you have chose from your closet; you can work on your hair. There are plenty of looks you can do. If you don’t have very much time, you can just add a little hair gel or mousse, and let it dry naturally. Or if you have a little more time you can blow dry and then flat iron it. If you really have time, you can crack out the curling iron, and make yourself some nice subtle waves. Any way you choose will compliment your outfit and shoes nicely since you are not looking for the very fancy look.

Finally the finishing touches is picking your jewelry. When hanging out with your friends you should definitely put on some fashion jewelry seeing as there is so much to choose from. The beauty of costume jewelry is that it can be very fancy, and yet you can find beautiful pieces that can be casual as well; and they won’t make you look too glitzy when you don’t want them too. Don’t be afraid that your friends will judge you because you are not wearing real jewelry; they will also probably be wearing a nice piece of fashion jewelry. Even if you can afford the real stuff, and you have quite a few pieces; the situation still warrants for you to wear costume jewelry.