Wowing Your Friends With Fashion Jewelry

It’s the end of the day and you now have to get ready to go out with some friends. You are extremely tired but you are so excited to get together as you have been waiting a month for this. What should you wear? You want to look your best yet you can not decide if you should wear your new piece of fashion jewelry or go the real route. You do not have to be afraid to wear your costume jewelry around your friends. They will adore it as much as you.

You have been anticipating seeing your friends and bonding with them since you set the date. Knowingly, it was an incredibly hectic week at work, so you did not have much time to think about it; and now the day is here. You run home from work to get ready and try to decide on an outfit. You know that it is somewhere casual yet nice so you want to look dressed up but not too much.

What to wear? Well since it is not super fancy you can go with a jean jacket over something nice. You can wear a dress or a nice top and skirt with the jacket because the compliment each other very nicely. Definitely not jean anything else though. Anything else jean would be way too casual. Your shoes also should be subtle but nice. Opt for a pair of flats over your espadrilles as those are way too flashy for the look you are going for.

Before any of this, if time allows, you should soak in a hot bath or even take a quick shower. This will calm you down. Even though you are just going to hang out with your friends, it can get very tense to get ready especially after a long day. Once you have done this and you are all dressed in whatever you have chose from your closet; you can work on your hair. There are plenty of looks you can do. If you don’t have very much time, you can just add a little hair gel or mousse, and let it dry naturally. Or if you have a little more time you can blow dry and then flat iron it. If you really have time, you can crack out the curling iron, and make yourself some nice subtle waves. Any way you choose will compliment your outfit and shoes nicely since you are not looking for the very fancy look.

Finally the finishing touches is picking your jewelry. When hanging out with your friends you should definitely put on some fashion jewelry seeing as there is so much to choose from. The beauty of costume jewelry is that it can be very fancy, and yet you can find beautiful pieces that can be casual as well; and they won’t make you look too glitzy when you don’t want them too. Don’t be afraid that your friends will judge you because you are not wearing real jewelry; they will also probably be wearing a nice piece of fashion jewelry. Even if you can afford the real stuff, and you have quite a few pieces; the situation still warrants for you to wear costume jewelry.

The Art of Wearing Costume Jewelry

Some people are under the impression that part of dressing well and looking sharp, is by spending huge sums of money on really expensive jewelry. But there are many ways to wear beautiful jewelry without shelling out a lot of money. The most simple way you can save money is by purchasing costume jewelry as opposed to buying real pearls, gold, silver or diamond jewelry. Buying real jewelry has a few disadvantages. Since it is so expensive to buy, many people can only afford to buy it once in a while after they saved up enough money. Even then, the decision is so stressful, since you know you are about to spend a huge sum of money which you worked so hard to earn and save, and you do not want to make the wrong decision on which piece of jewelry to buy. So you end up going from jewelry store to jewelry store, making yourself nuts to find the most for your money. Even after you buy it, you are still not sure you made the right decision, and you obsess over it even more.

A more relaxing technique to buying jewelry is to treat yourself more often to less expensive jewelry such as costume jewelry. Buying fashion jewelry has many advantages. Firstly, your decision won’t be such a frustrating one because you know that even if you haven’t really fell in love with the specific piece of jewelry you chose, next month you can just pick out another one!

Secondly, fashion jewelry can look really nice if it is color coordinated with the clothing you are wearing. The jewelry does not necessarily need to be the same color as your clothes, but the colors should definitely blend with each other.

One thing to be aware of when choosing to wear costume jewelry over real genuine jewelry, is that you if you are buying gold, silver, gold, diamond, or pearls, try to get the coloring to be closest to that of real jewelry so it is not so obvious that you are not wearing the real deal. Additionally, if your clothing and hair look put together and sharp, people assume that the jewelry you are wearing is genuine.

So don’t be disappointed if you can’t afford to buy real genuine jewelry. Do not fret, the time will come when someone who loves you dearly will treat to a piece of real jewelry. In the meantime, go fashion jewelry shopping, and be confident with your decision. You will be really pleased to see you can look really sharp despite the fact that you chose not to spend a tremendous amount of money on jewelry. Go ahead and tell your friends about this new revelation! You’ll be making your life as well as many others happier and more stress-free.

Dazzle Around With Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Who doesn’t like to flaunt a very rare piece of jewelry? It is an instinctive for women to let out “oohs” and “aahs,” when they see the jewelry they craved for. The most wonderful part of their behavior is, how they react when they see their friend flaunting the necklace, they have dreamed of possessing. They look all happy when they see it, but in the back of their minds, they might think, how to buy the necklace and wear it next time. Leaving the psychology of women aside, there are other serious issues to be resolved. The major issue that women face today is how to procure wholesale fashion jewelry, and that too cheap. Is this article being too gender based? Well, sorry! There are men who prefer wearing ear-rings and thumb rings (it is the IN fashion, actually). These are generally made of metal or plastics, which are cheap enough to be bought without contacting a wholesale dealer, but you can get a still cheaper bargain, if you go for a wholesale deal and procure items directly from the manufacturer.

You can get wholesale fashion jewelry very cheaply, if you are willing to negotiate directly with the manufacturers. Manufacturers are, basically, at the bottom pedestal of business, as it is always that they sell their jewelry to a wholesale dealer. The manufacturers can give you a bargain that you can’t resist. They usually don’t know the market price for their product, so they often end up underestimating their product, and give you at a cheaper price. On further bargaining, you will find that, you can get your stuff at the same price that the manufacturer charges from the wholesaler. The advantage of such extensive shopping is that you end up with wholesale fashion jewelry, which is way cheaper than what you get from branded outlets. The cycle is very vicious, as the wholesaler who procures the items from the unsuspecting manufacturer, always ends up selling the jewelry to retailers at double the price. The retailers, then, put on their tags and marks, and hike up the prices, to meet their standards. This is not only in the case of jewelry, but it happens in almost everything, we buy.

The trends of people keep on changing with each day. This means that if they have to keep up with the trend, they have to keep on buying jewelry. Well, you can always do that if you buy cheap jewelry and this will help you keep in stride with your friends. There are many jewelry forms that are trendy as well as cheap. For e.g., jewelry made of leather, beads, plastics and aluminum, etc., don’t cost much. This is where you can score with your fashion sense, because it is not necessary that by wearing costly and branded jewelry, you will look good. You can look good with cheap jewelry as well, if you have a good fashion sense. Wholesale fashion jewelry is not mythical creatures of the past. They are real, and anyone can afford it, if they shop well. Shopping is a science, which yields results when done correctly and that is what required. If you want precious metal jewelry to adorn your neck with, and can’t afford it, there are other alternatives as well. Nowadays, there are jewelers who come out with jewelry electroplated with precious metal and studded with semi-precious stones, which are way too cheap and better looking than costlier ones. Wholesale fashion jewelry is for those, who want to keep up with the fashion trend, and do not want to stay behind due to money shortage. So, flaunt and dazzle.

Fashion Jewelry for Every Season

The fashion jewelry on the market right now seems to provide limitless possibilities for those who want to have an elegant look this season. There are many great options to choose from that will have ladies everywhere walking around looking top-notch. No matter what season you might be reading this information in, there are several items that every woman should have in her jewelry box. If you are someone who cares about her appearance, then make sure that you seriously consider these trendy jewelry options so you can look your best.

One type of fashion jewelry you should consider wearing with those outfits that you are going to put on is cuff watches. These have been around for a few years but there are some different looks available this year that have a little bit of edge to them. There are ones that have intricate details woven into their design and there are ones that have a more dynamic look to them. This is the season of taking fashion risks so make sure that you consider the options very carefully and find one that you like.

Another type of fashion jewelry that will help set your appearance off this season is earrings. Not just any type of earrings will do the trick, however. There are certain types that are considered to be among the most fashionable. One type that you will notice a lot of ladies wearing this season is shoulder duster earrings. These are the ones that drop down to a point just above the shoulders and may actually “dust” or graze the tops of them when they are worn.

Large pendant necklaces are another type of fashion jewelry that should be considered if you are looking for some trendy jewelry to wear around your neck. The ones to look for are the ones that are vintage inspired and have a classy look from yesterday. Look for large pendants that have some nice detail in them, or look for large stones, funky shapes, and other designs that will provide you with the look you want to have.

These are three types of fashion jewelry that you will want to have this season. No matter what type of appearance you want to create, you will be able to find some jewelry that will make you look stunning. Make sure to take a look around at all of the options that are available and choose the jewelry that you want to wear.